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Even those with the most cursory knowledge of history will be aware of real life war heroes as well, whether it's Winston Churchill - the British. When he reached the top, one of the target bunkers opened fire on him . Audie Murphy plays Audie Murphy, a badass war hero who proves. 5 Greatest war heroes: From a sniper who shot soldiers before getting his face blown up, and surviving, to a man who captured 42 Nazis with a sword. For the next four hours he kept on reloading his rifle with one arm until reinforcements arrived. Inouye enlisted in the US military in and soon after served in Europe as WWII ravaged the continent. Once he left school he joined the army as an officer, and rode 1, miles across India on a motorcycle, at one point crashing into a water buffalo. El Salvador could never be any more proud of Coronel Jose Arturo Castellanos Contreras as he played a major role in protecting numerous Jews in Switzerland during the World War. Although he played a crucial role in the Pacific theatre during World War II, he was captured by the Japanese in January of and executed by firing squad. It was initially reported that Yadav had as well, but it turns out that they just mistook him for someone less badass. Due to a faulty grenade, he lost over 25 soldiers and in the moment of desperation, he barged at the three tanks with only a revolver in hand. Churchill's basically a crazier, Scottish version of Kilgore. Even though he knew that the Portuguese government was against helping the Jews he still issued tens of thousands of visas. Home Film WWE TV Gaming Comics Offbeat Sport Science Music Write For Us Comps. Unfortunately, this meant climbing up a sheer hundred-foot cliff-face of solid ice. You Won't Believe What's Inside Your Head. He received several awards after the war before dying of cancer in Then he applied for the Army, and they figured they could always use another grunt to absorb gunfire, so they let him in. Salomon tumblr Benjamin Lewis Salomon did not live a life of excitement. Because of his wounds during the Battle of Verdun he was awarded the Croix de Guerre from the French. Why it doesn't Compare: A Japanese diplomat who was stationed in Lithunia and acted as Vice-Consul for the Japanese Empire during WWII, Sugihara helped several thousand Jews in escaping the country. Unheralded as they maybe, they are worthy of commendation for very plans vs zombie people are willing to endure what adblock chip 25 war heroes you probably never heard of have endured. Genereal Muhammadu Shuwa was a well known Nigerian war hero. After all, could one commando really take out a whole compound full of bad guys? Because of his assistance to the evacuation, he was arrested by the German army and was executed in the Mauthausen concentration camp. And how awesome they can be. McClane has a fairly impressive resume of badassery, climbing through elevator shafts and killing terrorists with his bare hands, much like Yadav, except Yadav took more bullets in 10 minutes than McClane did in the entire series without even slowing. Undoubtedly wars are horrible and when you see death right in front of you, what would you do? Free running 2 online game already Like List25! They caught him again, and sent him to a new camp.

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Of those six, half were wounded and all any of them had left were pistols. Neither could the Russians. While his partner was killed by a machine gun fire, he went in further alone! The Germans got into the tank and started firing the machine gun. Check out those men and a lady who were impervious to death in 7 Historical Figures Who Were Absurdly Hard To Kill. War heroes, like Paul Revere, are well known. Their mission was to climb "Tiger Hill" actually a big-ass mountain , and neutralize the three enemy bunkers at the top. He issued transit visas to them in order for them to make their way to Japan. Originally lying about his age to enlist in the military and follow his dream of becoming a soldier he was only 19 years old when he was awarded the Medal of Honor. Game Of Thrones Season 7 Premiere: James Hill was a British 1st Parachute Brigade commander and was deployed in North Africa. Seen on Sky News; featured in The Guardian, NY Times, The Independent and more. top war heroes